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GoLapse Timelapse Cable-cams


GoLapse lets people make moving time lapses easily and affordably. If you have ever made a timelapse video, chances are you have looked in to getting a system to move your camera. This can be a great way to add depth to a timelapse, but right now it requires expensive, complicated solutions that can cost thousands of dollars and can only move the camera a few feet.

With GoLapse you can shoot amazing timelapse videos for a fraction of the cost and even more freedom.

Instead of being limited to rails like the other solutions out there, all you need to start shooting with GoLapse is some cord and two solid objects to tie it to. And if you don't have a DSLR, the GoLapse mobile extends this capability to smaller cameras like your smartphone or GoPro.


Check out the GoLapse Infinite Warranty, or the Advanced User Guide once you're getting started


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